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Melbourne and back

4.2.08 Yeah, welcome back from Melbourne.

At the moment we have enough free time, and so we decidet to make a trip to Melbourne. We start yesterday in the morning and drive with the Vline-Train to Melbourne. If you go here in Australia by train, it is a service. e.G. "The Service to Melbourne arrives in 5 Minutes" Thats funny. And the announcements on the railwaystation sounds like you are at the airport. "The Service to Melbourne is ready for you in 5 Minutes at Stage 3" Ist crazy. Really!


Yeah, in Melbourne we walked around a lot and feel the spirit of the city.

The centrum of Melbourne is very small, not like you expect for a city of this size. But ist okay. Ist very clean and interesting and the Parks of Melbourne are very nice to watch.


We searched a youth hostle for the night for us, but the only one who has free beds were a shed in the near of the railwaystation. Very siffy and not nice. But we booked 11 Beds for us. I hate this hostle! Ive never seen so mangy rooms, beds and the hostle for itselve.


In the evening we buyed 2 bottles of Vodka. Do you know how much Vodka in Australia is? 35 AU$ per bottle! Thats so crazy. But we were 8 persons who drink something and so it was okay. 10 $ for each person and the party can beginn. Thereafter we sqall the hostle-bar because we get one freedrink. The mood therein were very good and we make party there for 4 hours there. When it was 12 o clock we started our drunken trip through Melbourne. Next station was the casion. We played only some one-armed bandit games and leave after a few minutes, because Marsha couldn´t get in beacause she had only a copy of her passport.. That wasnt enough.


Next station was a great club in the center of Melbourne. Great people, great party. We left a 4 o´clock in the morning and returned to our hostle. There we talked a little bit and goin´ to sleep.

With so much alcohol inside i didn´t think about the mangyness of the hostle. Best idea, i know.


Well, and now we are returned to Ballarat. After a short breakfast in the hostle (Yummy.. One big pott of marmelada and everybody can enter his knife and take some out) we returned by train back.


And now I´m tiered. Great trip to Melbourne and very tiered today.


The word of the day (yesterday) were withal "Gänsehaut" Do u know the english word? Or the dutch? *g*

The word for today is "mangy".


See ya!

19.3.08 07:08

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